3 Steps How to Last Longer in Bed Instantly

So, you want to beat up the little devil called premature ejaculation? I will now teach you three (3) simple steps you can use to prolong ejaculation and last longer in bed!

Step 1: Ejaculating Before Sex
This might sound a little bit odd, but it is a very straightforward way to last longer: 

You need to ejaculate six hours before having sex. Six hours is the optimal time, since it is long enough for you stay horny, but it's short enough to decrease the chances of overstimulating. 

This simply allows you to stay hard and enjoy the sex even more, while delaying the ejaculation.

Delayed Ejaculation with Stimulation Awareness

I made a short presentation on this one powerful technique which will most definitely help you achieve delayed ejaculation. This will have step-by-step guide on how you can start using this technique immediately.

Check it out: 

How Men Can Overcome Premature Ejaculation by Avoiding Friction

You need only fraction of the friction 
One of the reasons you may suffer from premature ejaculation is by having too much friction on your penis during the intercourse. This leads to the stimulation getting way too intense and you ejaculating too early for you or your partner to truly enjoy it.

When you lessen the friction, you can enjoy the sex longer and with much higher enjoyment level than you'd had enjoyed it otherwise. Your partner will definitely appreciate it as well (and you don't have to fear being remembered as one of the "30-second" guys).

How to avoid the friction

Why Preventing Premature Ejaculation Saved My Sex Life

Minor and Major Complexes
Like most guys do (no, it's not just you), I had many complexes regarding sex. One big worry I had for a long time was the size of my penis. Now that I think about it, I spent quite a long time worrying if it was big enough or not. Luckily I found a solution for it, so one worry less (you can check the solution by clicking here).

The next worry was my body. When I was younger, I was in a really good shape. Now that work started becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life, I didn't have any time (or strength) to keep myself fit. That lead to me gathering a little too much weight.

Then I decided to get myself fit and started working out. No matter how much I worked out, it didn't seem to have that much effect. I assumed that I didn't work out correctly and decided to continue searching for a proper guidance. And I was lucky enough to actually find one = One worry less (you can check the product by clicking here).

Achieving a bigger penis and getting in shape were both definitely worth the small investment (they didn't cost much and didn't require much time), thanks to them I got a lot of confidence and the girls loved it.

Then appeared the biggest problem I have had (and which changed my sex life the most). Actually the problem had always been there, but I never really knew about it being a real problem: